Upgrading from an Older Version

Upgrading your older version to the latest one.

Download the installer file and open it.
Get the installer here: 32-bit (141MB) |  64-bit (167MB) |  Full Installer (217MB).
Wait as the installer unpacks and installs the program.
This may take a couple of minutes.
When its done, it will ask for you to restart the computer.
Restart and once you are back it will continue where it left off.
The License agreement window appears.
After reading, click Agree and Install to proceed.
Upgrade complete.
You now have the latest version installed. We recommend that you run an initial scan.
For more detailed steps on upgrading, Click Here  
Video Tutorial
Upgrade to the latest version, watch the tutorial below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a backup CD
Learn how you can get a disc for the installer.
Ways to get the installer
Other ways to get the installation file.
Finding the program installer
Where to find the installer after downloading?
Activating using a new serial number
Installing with a new Serial number purchased.
Uninstalling Maximum Security
Learn how to remove the program.
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Security Tips

After installing Maximum Security:

Quick Start Guide

Get an overview of the program installation as well as an introduction to the program's main console.

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Protect Your Other Devices
Extend your protection to other devices, Maximum Security can be installed on up to 3 devices. 

"Do-it-for-me" Installation

Remote installation of your Trend Micro program by experts.

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Need Additional Assistance?

Our Support Team is ready to help you.

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