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Technical Topics

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I am getting "Update unsuccessful" error message when updating my Mobile Security app. What should I do?
Why am I getting "Unable to contact Trend Micro" error message?
I'm getting "Unable to continue" message when activating Mobile Security. What should I do?
Can I install Mobile Security on my Amazon Kindle?
How do I scan my device for viruses and threats?


Non-Technical Topics

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What does activation do?
How can I transfer protection from another device to this mobile device?
Can I use the serial number of my Trend Micro Security program for Mobile Security?
Can I install Mobile Security on Android, iPad or Windows mobile devices?



Product Guide

Learn more about Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Android and its features. Get the comprehensive manual now.


Easy Setup

Check if your device meets the following requirements:

Operating System
Android OS 4.1 to 9.0
Storage Space
50MB (minimum)
40MB - 100MB
Internet Connection


Follow these step-by-step instructions to download, install, and activate:


  1. Go to Google Play Store, then look for Trend Micro Mobile Security.
  2. Download and install Mobile Security, then open the app.
  3. Tap Settings, then tap Buy/Activate.
  4. If you have a full version, tap Use Activation Code, type the Activation Code, then tap OK.



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Exceptional Features


Security Scan
Scan your device to check and eliminate threats.
Block and filter unsafe websites.
Wi-Fi Checker
Protect yourself when using Wi-Fi connections.
System Tuner
Improve your device's performance.
App Manager
Manage apps to optimize space on your android device.
Parental Controls
Protect your children while using mobile device.
Facebook Protection
Check and fix your Facebook™ privacy settings.
Lost Device Protection
Locate, lock or wipe a missing mobile device.
Pay Guard Mobile
Security for billing, banking and purchasing apps.


Watch how these powerful features work:


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