License for ScanMail for Lotus Domino (SMD) is not updated after renewal

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ScanMail for Lotus Domino - 3.0 AIX, 3.0 AS/400, 3.0 Linux, 3.0 Solaris, 3.1 Linux;
IBM - AIX, IBM - OS/400/i5OS, IBM AIX - 5.2, 5.3, 6.1, Linux - Red Hat - RHEL 3 32-bit, Linux - Red Hat - RHEL 6 32-bit, Linux - SuSE - 10, Linux - SuSE - 10 64-bit, Linux - SuSE - 11, Linux - SuSE - 11 64-bit, Linux - SuSE - 9.0, Unix - Solaris (Sun) - version 10 (SunOS 5.10), Unix - Solaris (Sun) - version 8 (SunOS 5.8), Unix - Solaris (Sun) - version 9 (SunOS 5.9)

Problem Description

You successfully renewed your license for SMD and verified that it was extended on the Customer Licensing Portal (CLP). However, the license is not updated when you check it under the Administration > Product page on the SMD console (smconf.nsf). In addition to this, the scanning tasks of SMD do not load anymore.


When the Domino server cannot connect to the Internet, the expired license will not be updated even when renewed. The standalone or hub Domino server that hosts SMD 3.0 needs to access the CLP servers in order to renew the local license. In a hub / spoke Domino architecture, a renewed license can be deployed through the replication of smconf.nsf.
Before updating the license, do the following:
  1. Verify that SMD 3.0 is at least on the following build:
    • SMD 3.0 for Linux Patch 1.1 for SP2 Build
    • SMD 3.0 for AIX Patch 1 Build 3504
    • SMD 3.0 for Solaris Patch 1 for SP2 Build 3540 or preferably Hot Fix 3618
    • SMD 3.0 for OS400/iSeries Patch 1 Build 3454 with Hot Fix 3620
  2. Make sure that there is only one product license per platform. No two licenses with identical platform should exist. Delete any duplicates and make sure to keep the one that has been renewed. 
  3. If the grace period has expired and smdreal is unable to start, request a trial key in order to renew your existing license. After entering the trial key and restarting smdreal, proceed with the license update. After your real license is revalidated, remove the temporary trial key.
You can update the SMD license in the following scenarios:  
Option I: Through a Domino server that has direct access to the Internet.
  1. On the Domino console, make sure that SMDReal task is running by executing ">show tasks".
  2. Check if the service is running and then do the following:
    • If the service is running, execute ">tel smdreal checkac" to force the checking of the license.
      The following will appear:
      > tell smdreal checkac
      SMDreal: Start to update license online
      SMDreal: Online update license successful 
    • If the service is not running, execute ">lo SMDReal" to automatically launch online checking.
      Trend Micro ScanMail(TM) for Domino Real-time Scanner, release 3.0, May 2005
      Copyright (C) 1989-2005, Trend Micro Inc., All Rights Reserved
      SMD: Build Jan 4 2007 16:55:55
      Scan engine version:; Virus pattern file version:\
      The ScanMail Activation Code already expired. Renew maintenance or obtain a full version Registration Key. See ScanMail help for details.
      SMDreal: Start to update license online
      SMDreal: Online update license successful
Option II: Through a Domino server that has access to the Internet through a proxy.
  1. On the SMD console, access the following and make sure that they are configured correctly:
    • On the upper right menu bar, go to Administration > Product License > Proxy Settings.
    • Go to Configurations > Server Settings > Proxy Settings.
  2. Click Save and close the console.
  3. Perform the steps in Option I.
Option III: Through a Domino server that has no access to the Internet and receives component update from a TMCM server.
  1. Check if the TMCM Agent is at least on build 3528 for Microsoft Windows or build 3232 for Linux platforms.
    1. On the TMCM console, go to Products and then select SMD under Managed Products.
    2. Go to the Product Status tab and then look for the Agent version.
      If the TMCM Agent for MS Windows is lower than 3528, download and install the latest ScanMail for Domino Version 3.0 for Windows Patch.
      Note: Ensure that SMD 3.0 for Windows Service Pack 3 is installed prior to the applying the latest patch.  For reference, refer to the Patch Readme
      For Linux version lower than 3232, download and install the latest ScanMail for Domino Version 3.0 for Linux Patch
  2. Go to the Tasks tab and then select Deploy licenses profiles from the dropdown list.
  3. Click Next > Deploy Now.
  4. Click Command Details to view the deployment results.
  5. Check the updated license in the SMD console.

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